cte News! Enginium has signed an agreement of collaboration with the quartering company Cemid S.C.C.L. (www.newcemit.com) to offer Engineering, Execution and Maintenance of facilities in a same product totally integrated.

cte New Código Técnico de Edificación (CTE), approved on 17 of March 2006. The CTE defines the technical requirements and exigencies of quality, security and habitability of buildings and its facilities and installations, so that the sector of construction is adpated to the economic sustainability, energy and environmental strategy

New Reglamento de Instalaciones Térmicas en los Edificios (RITE), approved on 20 of July 2007. This Regulation constitutes the basic frame normative so that the energy efficiency exigencies are regulated, as well as heating devices, air conditioning and sanitary hot water performances in buildings must fulfill

Law 3/98 of 27 of February of Generalitat de Catalunya - LIIAA - Activity licence adjustment-legalization to the Law of integral intervention of the environmental administration