Projects of activity, environmental and installation-building works

  • Management of administrative proceedures, installation projects and licenses for activities & building
  • Work planning, control, monitoring and End of Work certificates

Industrial Adjustments and Legalizations to be updated to current regulations in force

Installation-Construction projects and construction management

  • Plumbing - Drainage - Gas - Low and Medium Voltage Electricity-Telecommunications - Fire - Heating & Air Conditioning - Thermal and acoustic insulation - Sanitary hot water (ACS) - Solar Thermal - Solar Photovoltaic
  • Project Control and Construction Management

Work Risks Prevention. Our engineers are technicians in Prevention of Occupational Risks (TSPRL) with 3 specializations: Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics.

  • Health and Safety Studies
  • Planes de seguridad y salud Health and Safety Plans
  • Planes de emergencia Emergency Plans
  • Asesoramiento en materia de seguridad y salud laboral, estudios e informes. Advice on safety and occupational health, studies and reports.

Consulting and Technical support . Reports and studies