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We attach our newsletter in April 2008, where we will explain the main differences between the two solarinstallation types most common:

Thermal: generate heat to heat water in support of the domestic hot water, heating and pool.

Solar Térmica General junio 2008.pdf

Photovoltaic: we can sell electricity generated entirely to the electricity grid (RD661/2007), or, by not having access to it, we generate and store it for our consumption (isolation).

Solar General enginium junio 2008.pdf

In addition, if you are interested especially in the photovoltaic installations connected to the net (grid), and you have a deck, either in your house, building or industry, obtain the maximum profit for your roof (premium 500% above the consumer price).

There are two options for this: FV turnkey installation, or simply, rent the deck for investors .

For more information, please read the following document.

FV General enginium junio2008.pdf

Enginium and its business partners will handle all the steps necessary for you. Available to install photovoltaic or solar thermal: project, installation, procedures with administrations, subsidies, legalization of installation and maintenance if desired.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you.


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