enginium soluciones técnicas de ingeniería is an engineering of projects, installations and legalizations oriented to the energetic sector. We offer engineering services to face up to the current energetic challenge, complying with the European, national and local guidelines, introducing improvements of active and passive energetic efficiency in buildings and industrial processes.



energy efficiency in buildings and industries?

a question of cost: save on your energy expenses.

Eficacia Energética

*            Activity, construction and installations projects for building and industry:

- Preliminary projects, projects and legalization to the current regulations, consultancy and technical advice.

*            Management of renewable energy installations projects and efficient air conditioning (heat installations of low cost energy).


*           Solar thermal:
- Sanitary hot water. 70% savings in consumed energy.

- Sanitary hot water and support for conventional heating (radiators). Savings of up to 30% of total fuel.

- Floor heating or fan-coil (working at low temperature). It is the best suited to solar energy and with lower consumption. Savings of up to 50% of the total fuel.

- Solar air conditioning: Radiant Heating-Cooling.

- Conditioning of swimming pools and SPA.

*           Solar thermal: for industrial processes with high consumption of hot water.


*           Solar photovoltaic: connected to the electricity grid or isolated.

- Specialised in the installation area, maintenance of solar photovoltaic surfaces, as well on deck as in ground.

*            Management of administrative procedures and grants. Economic analysis of investment.


           Energy efficiency: diagnostics, energy audits and savings.

*            Energy qualification and certification of buildings in the planning stage (energy label).

*            Administrative procedures and grants management. Economic analysis of investment. de tramitaciones administrativas y subvenciones. Análisis económico financiero de la inversión.